World’s Most Amazing Gardens

From The Geometric Gardens of Denmark to The Beijing Garden . A look at some of the planet’s most unique gardens.

The Geometric Gardens of Denmark – Denmark

The Geometric Gardens, officially called the ‘Musical Gardens by Sorensen’, were established in 1983 in their original size – being a series of nine enclosures, hedged in hornbeam, with various geometric shapes that consisted of six polygons, an oval and a circle and were disposed on a green surface in an oval clearing, creating a striking landmark. link

Gardens of Marqueyssac – France.

Gardens of Marqueyssac. France. Believe it or not, the mesmerizing shapes of the hedges were first created some 300 years ago, but they still impress visitors today. link

The Magical Gardens of Disney – Orlando,Florida

All fans of Disney world and characters will really love the following plant statues. The favorite Disney characters spring to life along with 30 million colorful blooms and other fabulous sights during the annual Epcot® International Flower & Garden Festival in

The Beijing Garden – Beijing,China


The Olympics in Beijing were an inspiration to many, including an army of landscape artists. There are more than 50 Olympic gardens in 43 cities throughout China, and every year couples of garden festivals regarding topiary are also organized. link

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