Wood Crutches Into A Book Shelf

You just need an old pair of crutches. A little bit of hardware and screws that you probably have in your junk drawer already. All credits to mamiejanes.blogspot.ca, via diycozyhome.com

I purchased these crutches over a year ago for $2.00 and they have been down in my basement collecting dust. I didn’t have a plan for them when I first purchased them but I remember loving the patina of the wood so they came home with me.

The first step in turning these old crutches into a standing shelf was to remove the rubber caps at the bottom and then saw off the round pieces of wood that the cap fit over.

Next, I hinged the bottom of the two crutches together.

The bottoms of the crutches are now the top of the shelf stand.

Now I just needed to add some shelves. I dug through my scrap wood and found four pieces of varying widths that would work. The crutches were screwed into the wood to secure the top shelf and the third shelf.

While the second shelf and the bottom shelf sit on wood parts that were already on the crutches.

Since none of the wood shelf pieces matched, I painted them all white to unify them.

I did a quick staging of the shelving unit with some things I had handy and took it outside (where the lighting was better) for a little photo shoot.

I don’t think they look like crutches anymore.

And here’s how it looks sitting in my front entryway.

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