Hem Jeans Fast and Easy!

Hem Jeans Fast and Easy! Learn the trick. All credits to doityourselfdivas.com ,they also made a video tutorial to help describe procedures even better.

Put the jeans on, find where you want your jeans to lay and pin it. Roll the jeans up so that the original hem is slightly above that mark, and pin it.

Sew right next to the original hem, like so.

Here is where I do my thing. Instead of leaving that extra chunk of fabric rolled up and tacked down on the inside of the jean, I just cut it off. There’s a lot less bulk which is good when you have skinny jeans. Plus, I think that is how the hemming lady does it at Buckle.

Unroll it and iron flat.

That’s it! This seriously took me maybe 15 minutes to do and it was so worth it! Best part is that I didn’t have to pay anyone to do it for me.


Imaginative ‘Faces’ Made from Everyday Objects

His page, which is in Portuguese, reads: “On this page you will find many faces and other coisitas more. And with good humor!”.

Victor his doodles with scissors, very creative artwork.

He also takes lettuce leaves and creatively imagines them in various scenes.

His images invite us to look at the world differently and find creative images in our surroundings. Like this popcorn world!

Victor is a great example of pareidolia, which is our propensity to give meaning to random objects.

It’s the reason why we associate a smiley face with a human face and why some of Nunes’ pieces of nuts resemble faces to us.


Incredible Things Made with Books

From the a charging dock to a bar made from 700 old books . Check these incredible things made with books.

The Book Bar

The Book Bar

Instead of throwing away old books from the University. These guys decided to rescue these books from that awful fate – and what better use for them than a bar from which to entertain their frequent guests.

Made from over 700 discarded hard-bound medical journals, this massive pile of endocrinology-related literature took several days to complete, and was entirely worth it.link

Book Charging Dock for Iphone

Dracula, Vintage Book Charging Dock for iPod and iPhone. link

Book Tunnel

This is the famous project Book Tunnel created by Slovak artist, Matej Krén in the Prague Municipal Library. Yes, mirrors are used to create this effect. link

Carved Book Landscapes

Multidisciplinary artist Guy Laramee creates incredible book landscapes by carving old books, dictionaries and encyclopedias. His series entitled The Great Wall and Biblios represent the degradation of human culture and feature glacial landscapes, deep valleys and plateaus. link

Book Igloo

Colombian artist Miler Lagos constructed this entirely self-supporting book igloo using nothing more than carefully aligned books. Titled ‘Home’, this dome-like installation was on display at MagnanMetz Gallery in New York City late last year.link

Book Painting

Unlike most normal people, LA artist Mike Stilkey doesn’t just read books, he paints on them. The artist arranges thousands of old books and paints the books’ spines using pen and ink and acrylics.

“I’ve got these books and I’ll never read them, but I want them for some reason and I’ve never known why. And then I started drawing on them,” says Stilkey.

“I like to think of my artwork as one giant poem. I never really have a concrete idea of what I’m going to do. I just kind of feel my way through it and it comes out in a way that I don’t always expect. I really try not to edit myself too much.”

Mike Stilkey was born in Los Angeles, California in 1975 and received an Associate Degree from Santa Monica City College in 1997.

Approximately 5,000 books and ten days of work. link

Book Waterfall

Spanish artist Alicia Martin used thousands of old books to create amazing book waterfalls that pour out the windows and straight into the streets. She is well known for her massive book installations across Europe, however Martin’s most recent series, called Biografies, are based in her hometown, Madrid.

Each book installation was made of approximately 5,000 books and installed in the three of Madrid’s historic buildings. The heavy weight is supported by a special metal framework that’s hidden inside, however the books’ pages are loose and free to rustle in the wind. link


11 Coolest Cutlery Set Designs

From the Garden tool Cutlery Set to the Rabbit Ears Salad Servers, these creative cutlery sets, will bring some fun to your table.

Rabbit Ears Salad Servers.Mix your salad together and keep the servers in the bowl for a great rabbit in the salad illusion. link

Bitten Cutlery. Have you ever found yourself so hungry that you bit the silverware. Well, we’ve never. But, if you have then this is what the result will look like if you have good crest extra-whitening teeth. Mark A. Reigelman II has designed this Bite silverware in an effort to help raise awareness of worldwide epidemics such as starvation and obesity. link

The Ramen Spoon & Fork. Created by designer Masami Takahashi for the popular Sugakiya ramen noodle restaurant chain in Japan, this stainless steel combination utensil easily ladles soup and twists noodles in one easy swoop.link


Garden tool Cutlery Set. By creating cutlery inspired by gardening tools, London-based Vladimir Rachev wants to remind us of the origins of our food.link

Wrenchware Dinner Set. Men love tools and men love food. The way to a man’s heart is though his stomach and now also his utensils. link

Zing Catapult Spoon. There’s a new weapon in your homeland security arsenal; load up, pull back the spring-loaded handle and watch your food take flight.  link

Tongue Spoon.It’s a wicked illusion that will freak out your dinner mates with every bite you take! link

Snack & Stack Lego-style utensils. This locking cutlery set, hits two important nerd neurological centers: the part of the brain dedicated to unnecessary organization and the part of the brain dedicated to Lego. link

Airfork One Kids’ Fork. No more pretending the fork is an airplane, now it really is! link

Cutlery Lamp. Japanese design firm Di Classe has created the Gita a cutlery chandelier. This pendent lamp is made of wooden utensils, forks and spoons, and metal and projects the outlines of it’s adornments against the wall setting the perfect mood of consumption of culinary creations. link

Silver Skull Spoons. These awesome Silver Skull Spoons made from vintage silver by Tom Sale, aka Pinky Diablo. link


13 Creative Bathroom Gadgets

We all know the frustration of having an incredible idea hit you in the shower only to have it slip away before you could write it down.Now you can jot down those ideas with these creative bathroom gadgets

AquaNotes Waterproof Notepad. We all know the frustration of having an incredible idea hit you in the shower only to have it slip away before you could write it down.Now you can jot down those ideas with the AquaNotes Waterproof Notepad Great for Shower Thinkers. link

Pee Controlled Urinal Video Games. Sega is introducing a new video game that is mounted above urinals in men’s bathrooms and is controlled by the flow of pee.There is a pressure sensor in the bowl of the urinal that detects aim, strength of flow, and length of pee to control the games

Glow in the Dark Toilet Paper. During the day, the loo roll looks like any other, but at night it gives off a florescent glow, which makers say can guide you to the toilet.It works because the paper has been treated with phosphors, which have a sustained glow after exposure to the energised particles in daylight.link

Suction Handle for Bathroom Bangin. It’s a handle for holding onto during those times when things get dirty in the shower. link

Nose Shower Gel Dispenser. Push on the giant nose and watch the green shower gel drip out. How gross! It’s guaranteed to freak out your house guests link

ToastieTush Toilet Seat Heater.Never have to sit on a cold toilet in the middle of the night again! link

Lightsaber Toilet Paper Holder. Because Sith Happens. link

The Potty Putter golf game allows the avid golfer to practice his putting while in the restroom.Includes a 36″x 30″ putting green made from mini-golf course carpeting, a plastic cup and a flag, a special mini-putter and two practice golf balls.link

Color Changing LED Shower Head. Looking to make a real impression the next time you have guests over? This over-the-top LED shower head will definitely get their attention when they go to hop in the shower.link

Shower Mic.Everyone sounds like Pavarotti in the shower – that’s why the Shower Mic is such a natural. link

Mr. P Towel Holder.His oversized unit has the girth and strength to hold your bath towels link

Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser. Helps to conserve toothpaste with even flow dispensing and draws the complete volume of toothpaste from the tube eliminating any waste link

Boob Soap Dispenser. A fun and saucy shower gel/shampoo dispenser. link


11 Tiniest and Cutest Stone Footprints Ever

Amazing creativity and imagination shown by Scottish photographer Iain Blake in his series called “Stone Footprints”. He arranged these stones and made these tiny and cute footprints! By placing a major rock, and other smallest ones for the toes, he created these 11 tiniest and cutest stone footprints ever! Via | Link


Stony feet

Step by Step

The safest way

In line

Tiny feet


Party of Four

Follow me

Separate Ways



10 Coolest Superbowl Snacks

If you are the kind of person who enjoys having people over for watching the Superbowl, well… here are a few ideas for snacks for you and your friends! The biggest you build them, the most awesome friend you will be considered by your friends! Check these 10 Awesome Superbowl Snacks!

Snack Stadium

Using 50 different kinds of junk food, the people who built this snack stadium went the whole 9 yards! This is a replica of Miami’s Sun Life Stadium built on a pool table, and totaling 110,428 calories! It was made of Twinkies, vienna sausages, mini marshmallows, Cheez-Its, pizza, Hershey’s Kisses, Famous Amos Cookies, Doritos, a giant Hershey bar, and lots of other ingredients! Link

Superbowl snack

This superbowl snack has a Guacamole field, with cheese dip and salsa end zones; sour cream yard markers; tortilla chips, Ruffles, Cheetos, Doritos, and vienna sausages with cheese helmets for the players. The outside of the stadium has a rice crispy treat; and hot dogs with bacon separate the fans from the field! Help yourself Link | Via

The Snackadium

The snackadium is just a stadium built with snacks! In this case, this one has cream cheese, french bread,salami, Ruffles, Ritz, Wheat Thins,turkey and ham and cheese sandwiches. Also different colors of tortilla chips and crackers, as well as mini chimichangas, taquitos, Fritos, Cheetos, Doritos, sausage balls, pigs in a blanket, and many other snacks! It took approximately 3 hours to be finished, and it was made in Texas. Link

Holy Taco Snack Stadium

This superbowl snack stadium is made from guacamole, sausages, twinkies, cheese, and chips. If you wanna try it, here you can take a look at the way you can make one of these for the next superbowl, enjoy! Link| Via

Gluttony Shrine Snack

This gluttony shrine is made of Tater Tots, mozzarella sticks, chicken sticks, pizza rolls, sausages with olives on top! It took more than 7 hours to do research, choose the design, go shopping, and another 90 minutes to build the stadium! If you are a fan, why not go the extra mile to build one of these for enjoying the superbowl, right? It’s totally worth it! Link

Sandwich Superbowl Stadium

If you want to eat a sandwich while enjoying your game, but don’t want to waste precious minutes while away making a sandwich, prepare a sandwich stadium such as this one, and you’re all set! Link

Healthy Superbowl Snack

This is a bit healthier than most of the snacks we’ve seen. If you enjoy eating veggies, here you can have some! It’s up to you. Link

Easy-to-make Snack Stadium

This easy-to-make Snack Stadium is made of rice Krispies treats, chips, pepperoni sticks, Fritos corn, sausages with cheese tops, and dipping sauce. To make one of these, go here.link

Mini hamburger Superbowl Stadium

This stadium is made of mini hamburgers, sandwiches, dipping sauce, vegetables, and many other things. It looks healthy, delicious, and an amazing snack for the superbowl game!! Link

Olives Vs Mozzarella Superbowl Snack

This snack stadium took under 2 hours to be completed, and it had guacamole, and spinack dip and crackers, mozzarrella, sausages, tortilla chips, and many other things! Link | Via


Creative Animal Lipstick Art

Paige Thompson a.k.a Viridis-Somnio, a body paint artist from United States, has been creating this adorable series of lipstick art animals called “Animal-ipsticks” with an old set of Kryolan face paints that her family has used for Halloween over the last 21 years.

From a surprised panda to an angry jaguar, enjoy these 14 Animal Lipstick Designs and make sure to check out Paige’s Deviant Art page. link

Panda Surprise Lipstick Art. link

Crab. link

Expressions of a Black Cat. link

Pikachu Lipstick Art. link

Fox  link

Chameleon. link

Jaguar Lipstick Art. link

Bumble Bee. link

Zebra link

Bidoof. link

Hippo. link

Caterpillar. link

Rainbow Vomit. link

Watermelon Lips