11 Coolest Cutlery Set Designs

From the Garden tool Cutlery Set to the Rabbit Ears Salad Servers, these creative cutlery sets, will bring some fun to your table.

Rabbit Ears Salad Servers.Mix your salad together and keep the servers in the bowl for a great rabbit in the salad illusion. link

Bitten Cutlery. Have you ever found yourself so hungry that you bit the silverware. Well, we’ve never. But, if you have then this is what the result will look like if you have good crest extra-whitening teeth. Mark A. Reigelman II has designed this Bite silverware in an effort to help raise awareness of worldwide epidemics such as starvation and obesity. link

The Ramen Spoon & Fork. Created by designer Masami Takahashi for the popular Sugakiya ramen noodle restaurant chain in Japan, this stainless steel combination utensil easily ladles soup and twists noodles in one easy swoop.link


Garden tool Cutlery Set. By creating cutlery inspired by gardening tools, London-based Vladimir Rachev wants to remind us of the origins of our food.link

Wrenchware Dinner Set. Men love tools and men love food. The way to a man’s heart is though his stomach and now also his utensils. link

Zing Catapult Spoon. There’s a new weapon in your homeland security arsenal; load up, pull back the spring-loaded handle and watch your food take flight.  link

Tongue Spoon.It’s a wicked illusion that will freak out your dinner mates with every bite you take! link

Snack & Stack Lego-style utensils. This locking cutlery set, hits two important nerd neurological centers: the part of the brain dedicated to unnecessary organization and the part of the brain dedicated to Lego. link

Airfork One Kids’ Fork. No more pretending the fork is an airplane, now it really is! link

Cutlery Lamp. Japanese design firm Di Classe has created the Gita a cutlery chandelier. This pendent lamp is made of wooden utensils, forks and spoons, and metal and projects the outlines of it’s adornments against the wall setting the perfect mood of consumption of culinary creations. link

Silver Skull Spoons. These awesome Silver Skull Spoons made from vintage silver by Tom Sale, aka Pinky Diablo. link


6 Incredible Bookcases For Those Who Really, Really Love Their Books

Here are a few really incredible bookcases, with many that look more like sculptures than storage.

Tree Branch by Oliver Dolle

Tree Branch by Oliver Dolle

Creative wooden bookshelf made by talented French designer Olivier Dolle.Tree branch inspired design consists of an oak veneer on a hollow plywood structure. The bookshelf is available in different wood finishes. link

Mandala Bookshelf

Can you believe these are just simple square shelves arranged in a mandala design!
Veronica from Apartmenttherapy needed a special library, so she made one inspired by a mandala. link

Reclaimed Ladder

Unique Bookshelf Which Is Made From Recycled Ladder And Hanging On The Wall. link

A tree of Books

Turns out books do grow on trees! I mean, I guess they always have, because they’re made of paper, but this is a much more literal interpretation. link

DIY Rope Shelf

The material list is short, and the final product looks pretty great. The tutorial also leaves room for you to add your own touch. Check the tutorial

Under-The-Stairs Bookshelf

Cool Storage Under Stair With Modern White Handrail And Nice White Cabinet Design Ideas. When downsizing to a small dwelling,every nook has to be utilized for storage space and this is a great way to utilize space under the stairs. link


11 Creative Recycled Furniture Designs

From the chair made from real shotgun shells to the chair made from scraps of douglas fir and 3,726 drywall screws. 11 Creative Recycled Furniture Designs

Transit Chair.

Made entirely of recycled street signs, these striking chairs look great around a kitchen table, or make a powerful statement on their own. Completely constructed, finished and sealed by hand.. link

NYC Transit Table.

Record Table Made of Recycled Classic Rock Vinyl Records.

BUGHOUSE designed this unique record table, which would fit spectacularly into your den of devil worship. It’s much more thoughtful than simply throwing them in the trash bin link

Shotgun shells Chair.


Designed by Alexander Reh, the Fully Loaded Chair is made from real shotgun shells. The solid steel chair has been stuffed with once-fired 12-guage shotgun shells. The welded steel frame is gun-blued by hand and can be loaded with many shell options. link

Screw Chair.

A surprisingly comfortable chair made from scraps of douglas fir and 3,726 drywall screws. link

Wooden Rocking Chair

This wooden rocking chair was the first design, simply assembled and so comfortable. The slats conform to the shape of your back and with the rigging rope stops has three basic positions. Sit forward on the front stop, relax and rock away or as a lounger, put your feet up to sunbathe or watch the stars. link

Pencil Chair.

Here’s one chair you definitely don’t want to sit on, made entirely of sharpened pencils. link

Dont Walk Traffic sign Chair

Spoon Chair

Some restaurants change their cutlery as often as every nine months. The Cutlery Chair utilises these hard to recycle, unwanted cutlery pieces as building blocks to create truly unique pieces of functional furniture. link

Cork Chair

Limited edition piece made from precision milled blocks of recycled wine-bottle corks. link

Stack Chair

This vinyl wall-sticker in the shape of the back of a chair marks the spot, where to stack up your magazines or newspapers and gradually becomes your STACK CHAIR. link


Spectacular Halloween Home Ideas

Make your mark on the neighborhood and scare them all with these awesome exterior halloween decorations.

Jack-o’-Lantern House link

Do you think my neighbor’s ready for Halloween?. link

Halloween Scarecrow of the Day. link

Jack-o’-Lantern House link

King Kong/Jurassic Park House. link

Three-Story Spiders. We’re impressed with the dedication of these home owners. We can only imagine how intricate their Christmas decorations must be!. link


6 Cool DIY Tree Stump Creations

I have always loved seeing tree stumps that people have spruced up to become a part of their homes.They always looks so stunning! I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do with my tree stumps, but I definitely wanted to give this project a try.

Cool DIY Tree Stump Creations

I have always loved seeing tree stumps that people have spruced up to become a part of their homes. They always I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do with my tree stumps, but I definitely wanted to give this project a try.looks so stunning!

Log stools painted with glow in the dark paint

The tree stump table has been done before, but never like this. Judson Beaumont of Straight Line Designs Inc. has turned the concept of stump furniture on its head with Tree Rings. They look pretty ordinary during the day, but at night, the small tables seem to glow from within, illuminating the rings on the table’s surface.
You can do it too using this paint. via

Cool Tree Stump Vase

One more thing that you can make from a tree stump is a vase or a flower pot. You can even make a large flowers centerpiece that will decorate the main table or a wedding. Of course for that you’ll need a bunch of tree stump flower pots or the one that is long enough to accommodate many flowers. The process of making tree stump vases isn’t hard. You need to find the right piece of a tree, cut it to the size you need, remove its middle and you’re done. Below you can find a bunch of cool ideas how such vases and flower pots could look like. link

Garden Path Made of Recycled Tree Stump Pavers

A garden path made of recycled tree stump pavers can give new depth to your memories. The customer lost an oak tree with sentimental value and the team from Sweetlake Interior Design recycled it into the pavement. Such a stunning idea!. link

Tree Trunk Seating

Solid. Natural. Unexpected. There is power in the sturdy statement of a tree trunk, especially when arranged around a wooden table for group seating options. link

DIY Tree Trunk Furniture

This DIY Tree Trunk Furniture is Easy to Make. This chair and table combo handcrafted from a tree trunk could be the ultimate DIY project. Simply crafted from standard tree trunk, the functional chair has a flat base and a curved, sanded area to sit on. To make this piece into a raised chair, all you have to do is attach four steel chair legs, which can be driven deep into the wood to make sure the chair is secure. link

Perfect cabin swing

Reusing fallen tree trunk and turning into a beautiful swing


How to fill your blank walls!

Have that vacant space on your wall that makes your whole room appear empty? Take a look at these Clever Wall Stickers

Vinyl Wall Sticker Clock

Looking for an original wall clock? Well, this one is really cool because it’s a combination of a simple clock with a wall sticker. The numbers have different shapes and are placed in various ways, just to give that original look. link

Decals of mice on stair risers

You can find a rather large range of these during the Halloween season at Michael’s arts & craft stores.link

Get A Grip Wall Graphic

These ”Get a Grip” wall graphics give you the ability to control the destiny of 17 climber silhouettes. Will they create miniature feats of strength and endurance as they scale your walls and hang from your furniture, or will some decide to end it all like the guy on top of the pile of books?. link | via

Power Plant

This vinyl wall stiker ,“Electronic Chaos”, illustrate the path of energy from source to your electronics. Designed by Julia Wolf and created by Diz Decor is definitely a cool stuff and is available on sale here.link | via

Hamster Power: Electric Outlet Wall Decals

Hamster Wheel Generator sticker is the original wall art decal idea designed by Antoine Tesquier Tedeschi. This wall sticker is a quirky, decorative and eco-friendly way to remind of the importance of energy saving. link

Sustaining the Table

Need someone to sustain your kitchen table? Well, I think I just found the perfect guys for this job! They’ll work 24 hours a day to make sure your table stays at its place. It’s a really funny and interesting idea, perfect if you want to break the stark environment from the kitchen.


Awesome DIY Ideas For Bookshelves

We’re always looking for new and creative ways to store our DVDs, and these shelves sure qualify.

The bed that fits in a bookcase

creative shelves,creative bookcase

With space being at such a premium in crowded cities, an upstart young designer has devised a bookcase that transforms into a bed. Looking like a large wall jigsaw puzzle, the mattress stands upright in four sections, surrounding five storage shelves which are suspended in mid-air by a wall mounted frame. When the mattress sections are placed on the floor they slot together to form the bed.link

Comic Shelves

creative shelves,creative bookcase

We’re always looking for new and creative ways to store our DVDs, and these shelves made by Italian design company Lago sure qualify. Called Tangram, the line comprises seven different shelf shapes, each obtained from the “decomposition” of your basic square. By combining the shapes in creative ways, your storage space becomes artwork. You can make your shelves look like people, animals, Star Wars vehicles — you name it. link

Bookcase shaped like the map

creative shelves,creative bookcase

A bookcase shaped like the map of the United States of America, is a cool creation by Ron Arad. link

Pacman Bookshelf

creative shelves,creative bookcase

Puckman bookcase is made of shining varnished wood.
The Colour is yellow to remind the famous character of the 80ies cult videogame “the Pac-man” and it is a solid structure easy to build on. It is possible to hang it by a practical Wooden hang.The Puckman bookcase present a little distance from the wall to allow TV wires or other wires to pass it through. link

Stairs Bookcase

creative shelves,creative bookcase

Here’s a great idea for anyone who loves books and doesn’t have enough apartment space or a Kindle: a “secret staircase” made of English oak, lined with books left, right and center, leading to a loft bedroom in a Victorian 1898 apartments block
70m2 apartment was remodeled by London-based Levitate Architects, who created “a new bedroom level and increasing the floor area of the flat by approximately one third.” The staircase is both the way to access the bedroom and a perfect place to store books, movies or CDs. “With a skylight above lighting the staircase, it becomes the perfect place to stop and browse a tome,” says Levitate’s Tim Sloan, who also pointed out the unique structure of each step, allowing for anyone to comfortably sit down while picking a book. link

Cave Bookshelf

creative shelves,creative bookcase

Close yourself in the book cave.This bookself designed by Sakura Adachi, provide reading place or cave, just and book, it is a good place you communicate with book. It features cave gives a feeling of hiding from others standing around it, books can be stored on both sides. link

Bookseat Chair

creative shelves,creative bookcase

Useful if you have a really really small apartment, or you just appreciate bookshelf-cum-furniture design, the plywood Bookseat stores your TV Guide copy of War and Peace handily within reach. Alternatively, if you think books are old hat, you could store your DVDs and computer mags in it. Some might think Bookseat is design convergence gone mad, but we think it’s simple, neat and that you’ll be seeing it in waiting rooms of trendy offices everywhere.link

Cartoon Bookshelf

creative shelves,creative bookcase

Vincent Thomas Leman’s furniture design is like something straight out of a cartoon.
Leman’s collection looks like something out of Alice in Wonderland and is basically “traditional furniture” that is stretched, curved, stacked and stepped to fit his design intentions. link

Seemingly Impossible Spiral Bookcase Design

creative shelves,creative bookcase

Seb Przd – a skilled photographer – has created this highly compelling set of seemingly impossible bookcases to showcase his skills as a photographer.

Coffin Bookcase

creative shelves,creative bookcase

Morbid, maybe, but sustainable as well: this combination wooden bookcase-and-coffin idea takes the concept of eco-friendly “cradle-to-grave” and applies it with dark literal humor. link

The inverted bookshelf

creative shelves,creative bookcase

The inverted bookshelf turns a bit of your living room upside down as it hangs all of the books from the bottom instead of supporting them from below. It’s a satisfying optical trick and doesn’t damage any of the books. In fact, you can take books in and out of it whenever you want.link

Balancing Books

creative shelves,creative bookcase

Most things we attach to our walls are fixed, not fluid, and cannot be easily moved or changed. It is the things within our bookcases, on top of our shelves and so forth that are the mobile parts – not the furnishings, fixtures and furniture. This balancing bookshelf is a notable exception to the rule


7 Clever Gadgets for Small Spaces

Clever Solutions for Small Spaces. Take a look at these 7 ways to get the most out of even the most petite places.

Sky Planter

To keep your kitchen stocked with fresh herbs, plant ‘em in the sky!.

Hook-On Desk For Your Balcony

If you hardly utilize your balcony and would like to use it as a change of environment when working, eating, reading or finding inspiration, Berlin-based designer Michael Hilgers created an accessory that could give you a different view from your apartment.
Called ‘BalKonzept’, the balcony table—made from weatherproof and recyclable polyethylene—rests on your railing and provides you with an open, flat surface to eat, read or work.
Users can easily place their laptop, books, plates and cups on the table.
When not in use, it can serve as a tray, a planter, and even a ‘wine chiller’ for when the weather is cold outside. link

3-in-1 Breakfast Station

Don’t have room for a toaster and coffee maker? Let alone the time to fry an egg before work? This 3-in-1 is multi-functionality at it’s best.

Portable Indoor/Outdoor Fireplace

Fire! If you live in an apartment in a city, there’s a good chance you have a non-working fireplace or a mantle that looks random on the wall because there used to be a fireplace there. This gadget will warm up the vibe and temperature of your flat with just a flick of the switch!.

Balcony BBQ

The Balcony BBQ looks and mounts to your railing just like a standard planting box. But that’s not plants in there, it’s something much tastier- meat! It’s a real charcoal grill. Sure you could grill up vegetables on it too, but what’s the point in that? Ideal for situations where maybe you’re not allowed to keep a barbecue on your balcony so you need something a bit stealthier. Or just to keep your balcony BBQ up off the ground for easier access. You can also actually use it as a planter if your landlord busts you for grilling.link

Hardwood Floor Rug

If you’re a renter, you’re probably not looking to refinish the floor anytime soon. Fake it with a roll-up hardwood floor rug.link

Trunk Desk

Not exactly a small investment, this trunk desk will turn any corner of your apartment into a full-fledged writer’s studio with industrial accents.link


Most Amazing Treehouses

Take a look at these 8 Epic Treehouses Cooler Than Your Apartment. Would you choose to spend a holiday or have a retreat up in a tree house?

Treehouse for Birds and People

If you have ever wanted to live with the birds, now you can. Inside is a separation wall, yet humans can still peak in and watch the birds next door.link

Teahouse Tetsu

Minimalism аnԁ fantasy, together. Thе interior οf thіѕ teahouse іѕ simple аnԁ modern, whіƖе thе fantastical exterior looks Ɩіkе something frοm a Hiyao Miyazaki film. Thе interior view οf thе sliding wooden doors οr shutters іѕ јυѕt bеаυtіfυƖ. Thе building іѕ a Japanese teahouse bу Terunobu Fujimori, whο represented Japan аt thе Venice Biennale, іn Yamanashi Prefecture. Thе photographs аrе bу Dana + Leroy. Thе hatch іn thе floor іѕ thе entrance. via

Mirror Tree House

From the country that’s home to some of the ‘worlds weirdest hotels’ comes the latest in luxury tourist attractions: The Mirrorcube. Located 60 kilometres south of the Arctic circle, in Harads, Sweden, this stunning hide-out, designed by Tham & Videgard architects, is made of light-weight aluminum which is hung around the base of a single tree.
The exterior is camouflaged by mirror walls that reflect their surroundings while the interior is plywood. The windows offer 360 degree views, but to prevent birds from flying into them, an infrared film, visible only to birds, is laminated into the glass panels. The Mirrorcube can accommodate two people and includes a large bed, a small kitchenette and bath, a living room and roof terrace. It’s not cheap – $592 dollars a night, per person. If Sweden’s not your thing, you can have your own Mirrorcube delivered and constructed at your desired destination. link

The Bird’s Nest Tree House

Remember the amazing floating mirror cube? This is the latest in that same collection, but talk about blending in – it looks like a giant bird nest, complete with a retractable staircase for privacy, security and visual completeness.So far, so good – the Tree Hotel has 5 rooms and counting … but the best is yet to come: they have another twenty planned for the coming years, so stay tuned. link

Senior Center Turned Treehouse

Antwerp-based theater director, writer and visual artist Benjamin Verdonck has developed the work ‘Vogelenzangpark 17bis’ for art festival TRACK: a contemporary city conversation in Ghent, Belgium. via

Free Spirit Sphere Treehouses

These spheres were created with the concept of “oneness” in mind, so the floor, walls and ceiling create one continuous space unlike a conventional building. They utilize biomimicry and are designed to fit into a forest setting without altering it. Free Spirit Spheres use trees as their foundation, which the designers say reflects our connectedness to nature, and because they’re suspended in the air, the human footprint is drastically reduced. The shell of this unique treehouse can withstand impacts, and the web of ropes that suspend it are made of a stretchy material that allow both the sphere and the trees to move freely. via
Take a look at these 8 Epic Treehouses Cooler Than Your Apartment. Would you choose to spend a holiday or have a retreat up in a tree house?

The Yellow Treehouse Restaurant

The Yellow Treehouse Restaurant is constructed on a 40 meter high redwood tree, and is bound to take the breath away from many a young treehouse lover, as well as his parents.
The entire construction was fairly simple, but the result is stunning. The restaurant is consisted of plantation poplar planks and redwood balustrading. The restaurant is shaped like a cocoon around the tree and, since the planks are not placed closely next to each other, it is filled with natural light and fresh air. The two rounded parts are accessed via an elevated Glulam path that fits the rest of the restaurant perfectly. At night the Yellow Treehouse restaurant, as well as the path, is illuminated by warm-colored lights that give it a romantic and natural shine that in no way reduces the value of nature around. via

The HemLoft: A Secret Tree House in the Woods

HemLoft is a self-funded secret tree house built by Joel Allen on crown land (government owned) in Whistler, Canada. It hangs on a precipitous slope, in a towering stand of hemlocks, about a five minute walk from the nearest road. The story of how it came to be and the future of HemLoft is a fascinating tale. You can read it in its entirety on the offical HemLoft site
here. via


11 Most Creative Pop-up Card Designs

From the Triceratops Pop-up Card to the Ferris Wheel Pop-up Card. Check this 11 Most Creative Pop-up Card Designs

Wedding Cake Pop Up. link

Star Wars Holiday Cards. The LucasFilm tradition of creating special holiday greeting cards dates back over 30 years.link

Birdcage Popup Card and Giftbox. link

Kinnaree Pop-up Card. link

Triceratops Pop-up Card. link

Ferris Wheel Pop-up Card. link

Kiss Me Pop-up Card.link

Birthday Games Pop-up card. link

Wedding Cake Surprise. link

Tiramisu Pop-up Card. link

Halloween Ghost Pop-Ups. link