How To Make Solar Powered Mason Jar Lights


How To Make Solar Powered Mason Jar Lights


This is a very easy and inexpensive project, and not only do they provide countless hours of personal enjoyment, they also make great gifts– especially to anyone who might have a deck, patio, or garden where they live.
Check the tutorial:

DIY Solar Powered Mason Jar Lights by Put It In A Jar


9 DIY Tips to Getting an Amazing Senior Portrait

So many ideas for our summer photoshoots! Via

DIY Tips

Floating Away

With a some Photoshop skills, you can make yourself appear that you’re floating away.
Image credits

Get an explosion of color with some glitter or confetti.

An excelent idea for a colorful picture. Image credits

In-action time-lapse

An in-action time-lapse is a creative way to show off your athletic prowess.
Image credits

Light up a sparkler.

Image credits

Light up a sparkler and write your name with it.

Image credits

Lie out on the grass

Lie out on the golf greenery if that’s where you really thrive. Image credits

Write something meaningful on your fingers.

Image credits

Take to the city streets

Image credits

Incorporate your first day of school photo.

Image credits


Incredible Things Made with Books

From the a charging dock to a bar made from 700 old books . Check these incredible things made with books.

The Book Bar

The Book Bar

Instead of throwing away old books from the University. These guys decided to rescue these books from that awful fate – and what better use for them than a bar from which to entertain their frequent guests.

Made from over 700 discarded hard-bound medical journals, this massive pile of endocrinology-related literature took several days to complete, and was entirely worth

Book Charging Dock for Iphone

Dracula, Vintage Book Charging Dock for iPod and iPhone. link

Book Tunnel

This is the famous project Book Tunnel created by Slovak artist, Matej Krén in the Prague Municipal Library. Yes, mirrors are used to create this effect. link

Carved Book Landscapes

Multidisciplinary artist Guy Laramee creates incredible book landscapes by carving old books, dictionaries and encyclopedias. His series entitled The Great Wall and Biblios represent the degradation of human culture and feature glacial landscapes, deep valleys and plateaus. link

Book Igloo

Colombian artist Miler Lagos constructed this entirely self-supporting book igloo using nothing more than carefully aligned books. Titled ‘Home’, this dome-like installation was on display at MagnanMetz Gallery in New York City late last

Book Painting

Unlike most normal people, LA artist Mike Stilkey doesn’t just read books, he paints on them. The artist arranges thousands of old books and paints the books’ spines using pen and ink and acrylics.

“I’ve got these books and I’ll never read them, but I want them for some reason and I’ve never known why. And then I started drawing on them,” says Stilkey.

“I like to think of my artwork as one giant poem. I never really have a concrete idea of what I’m going to do. I just kind of feel my way through it and it comes out in a way that I don’t always expect. I really try not to edit myself too much.”

Mike Stilkey was born in Los Angeles, California in 1975 and received an Associate Degree from Santa Monica City College in 1997.

Approximately 5,000 books and ten days of work. link

Book Waterfall

Spanish artist Alicia Martin used thousands of old books to create amazing book waterfalls that pour out the windows and straight into the streets. She is well known for her massive book installations across Europe, however Martin’s most recent series, called Biografies, are based in her hometown, Madrid.

Each book installation was made of approximately 5,000 books and installed in the three of Madrid’s historic buildings. The heavy weight is supported by a special metal framework that’s hidden inside, however the books’ pages are loose and free to rustle in the wind. link


Simple and Easy Valentine’s Day Hand Print Crafts

Super cute hand print craft idea! Here are some easy Valentine’s Day ideas to get you started!. All credits to

“5-year-old son was able to paint the L and the E after I traced them!”

“I found these wood hearts at my local craft store and stamped them with the “special name” that my kids say I call them the most!”

You can also do a family handprint craft!

Here’s one my sister did last year and gave out as Valentine’s Day gifts from my niece!


Creative Animal Lipstick Art

Paige Thompson a.k.a Viridis-Somnio, a body paint artist from United States, has been creating this adorable series of lipstick art animals called “Animal-ipsticks” with an old set of Kryolan face paints that her family has used for Halloween over the last 21 years.

From a surprised panda to an angry jaguar, enjoy these 14 Animal Lipstick Designs and make sure to check out Paige’s Deviant Art page. link

Panda Surprise Lipstick Art. link

Crab. link

Expressions of a Black Cat. link

Pikachu Lipstick Art. link

Fox  link

Chameleon. link

Jaguar Lipstick Art. link

Bumble Bee. link

Zebra link

Bidoof. link

Hippo. link

Caterpillar. link

Rainbow Vomit. link

Watermelon Lips


13 Amazing Examples of Food Art

It’s okay to play with your food. It’s art now, you see. Here are 13 examples of food art.

Starry Night Made from Jelly Beans

This artwork is another artwork to recreate the famous painting Starry Night completely using jellybeans.After seeing this, you may never look at Easter candy the same way again!. link

Starry Night Made from Jelly Beans

This artwork is another artwork to recreate the famous painting Starry Night completely using jellybeans.After seeing this, you may never look at Easter candy the same way again!. link

Culinary Phoenix

This food artwork will definitely blow your mind ! A phoenix , feathers , and roses all made out of food

Fruit Warrior

You’ve heard of Fruit Ninja, now meet the Fruit Warrior. We tip our hats to this artist, because not only is it hard enough making art from fruit and vegetables, but it’s also extremely challenging to create a realistic face from food!

Melon Shark

Amazing example of fruit carving.

All You Need Is Love

For an entire month, Hong Yi made it her mission to create an artwork from her food, and the results were amazing! This one is titled “All You Need is Love”.

Funny Curry

They almost look too cheerful to eat. We love this food art idea, and the sooner fast food shops begin turning their meals into edible works of art, the better! link

Yin and Yang Egg

There’s nothing like adding a bit of yin and yang to your typical breakfast to get your balance right for the day. link

Foodie Owl

The cantaloupe face of this food art looks so incredibly similar to a barn owl’s face! This foodie owl would make a great centerpiece at any event – it’s way too good to eat!. link

Vegetable Face

This fantastic piece of food art was made by Alex J. Jefferies. We cannot get over just how much this vegetable face seems to come to life on the plate. Everything from the eyes, to the nose and teeth are so realistic that it causes you to look twice. link

The Beatles

This food artist has certainly put the ‘eat’ in ‘beatles’. Looking at this delicious food platter, it’s hard not to want to eat it, especially when the road is made of baked beans, and jackets are made from food such as sausages, mushrooms and bacon!.link

Bedtime Bear

This guy looks way too cute to eat! Be prepared for some tears and tantrums at the table as soon as someone decides to put a fork through Teddy’s head. link

Vegetable Portrait

A portrait made from vegetables? This is a wonderful work of art, and it certainly reminds us of the amazing portraits we’ve seen in art galleries! link


Amazing DIY Nail Art Ideas

From Angry Birds Nail Art to Pac-Man Nails. Check these 10 Creative Nail Art Examples

Mario Manicure Nail Art. link

Converse Nail Art . link

iPhone Nail

Angry Birds Nail Art. link

Despicable Me – Movie Nail Art. link

Browser Nails. link

Soft Drink Nails. link

Zippernails. link

Pac-Man Nails. link

Binary Manicure. link


How to Make Halloween Tinker Bell Pumpkin

Carve your pumpkin with Tinker Bell Dust image.

Halloween Tinker Bell Pumpkin by Luis Linares for “Instructables”, looks pretty awesome, and with a little bit of carving skills, some patience and printable pattern, you will succeed for sure.
All credits for this amazing article to

Started with an artificial Pumpkin, any size will do, Tinker Bell silhouette from Google image. Print it out and tape it to your pumpkin.

Use a pushpin and follow the outer image and pock pock and pock all around.

Tools for carving Hot knife, cordless drill 1/16 and 1/8 drills and artificial carving saws

The Carving with hot knife, artificial saw and hand drill.

Used a small light bulb to give it the most magical fairy light up…

Tinker bell silhouette