13 DIY Foldout Card Ideas

These funny greeting cards look somewhat insulting at first glance, but cheerfully say the opposite when folded out.
Here are some ideas!Click on NEXT for more ideas!
All credits to www.etsy.com/shop/FINCHandHARE

Funny Folding Card

Dad, you old man card

Dad, you old man. / Dad, you are the best. I’m lucky to have you as my old man. – Foldout funny birthday

You are awful card

You are awful. You are awesome and wonderful. – Funny Father’s Day Card – Foldout card

You are one crazy mother card

You are one crazy mother. – Foldout funny mother’s day card – Funny birthday card

You were wrong / You were right card

You were wrong./ You were right. I should have written that to you a long time ago. Funny apology / mothers day / fathers day card

You are so old card, foldout funny birthday card

You are just so, so old./ You are just so youthful. Good-looking, also, so I’m sure you’ve been told. – Foldout funny birthday card

It sucks, funny Graduation card

It sucks. Foldout funny Graduation card

Your life is over

Your life is over, wedding or pregnancy card

Your life is over but your new life is just beginning. This foldout funny card is great card for a new baby, wedding, engagement or pregnancy.

Funny 50th Birthday Foldout Card

It’s all downhill from here. Funny card for birthdays.

Kill Me Now Christmas Card

Kill Me Now, is a funny foldout Christmas Card.

You are terrifying Card, foldout funny greeting card

You are terrifying, you are terrific. I am really, really enjoying getting to know you. Foldout funny greeting card

Quitter Funny Retirement Card

This foldout funny card is cool for Retirement, New Job or Quitting card.

Santa Hates You Card

I love this funny foldout greeting card

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